Getting Bigger !!

Have managed today to take some photos of Ruby and Jas both of whom are growing! 

Ruby’s ears are a source of amusement, they seem to alternate every day ,which one is standing up. She has now had her last jabs and has taken her first exciting walks on the common ,with me, still on one crutch but managing. Her recall is really good. One piece of advise I was given by a lady who’s training classes I used to go, to many moons ago, was to go out on walks without the rest of a new puppies pack members ,that way they learn to focus on you and not the other dogs.I have followed this advise for many years and it certainly works even if you only have one other dog. I often take a single dog out for some special one on one time and they love it . 


 Jas has 2 weeks to go now pups are due on the 22nd May ,she is so “mumsie” it is amazing.She is eating well and her behaviour is so calm. She goes out for her walk still, but on her own .Nature is a wonderful thing to see the change in her is amazing. The last week, her tummy has really grown. 

We will get the ” Maternity Wing” of the lounge ready next week so she can familiarise herself with it. Chris and I have fingers crossed that everything goes well for Jas and the little “Splots” however many there are . I know there are some excited people out there and we will keep you posted as soon as we have news. 



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