Day 5

Mother and babies are doing well. Jas adores her babies,she is so gentle with them,I love just watching her nurturing them . She has started coming down the field for a leg stretch and bounds around with the others with a big smile on her face. This time is very useful to clean the whelping box and bedding. The pups go into my electrically heated greenhouse propagator, which has served very well as an incubator. Luckily I had finished with it in my greenhouse .The first photo is of them all in the propagator, they will not fit in there for very much longer, assuming they continue growing at the same terrific rate. The next two are “The 5 Boys” and “The 4 Girls” seperately.

jas-pups-day5 boys-day-5 girls-day5


 I am having my Kennel Club Assured Breeder inspection Thursday, my first one, I am hoping it goes well,I am not sure what to expect ,not having had one before . I will keep you posted .

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