A watched kettle never boils !

Jas is hot fat and lumpy poor poppet. She spends all her time lying in our “mud room” on her bed resting her tummy . Chris and I are excited and nervous in equal measure, it’s always a stressful wait these last couple of days , but for whatever reason, this time seems more so .Maybe something to do with how long we have waited for this mating, and God willing the” little splots” will be very special.

In theory they first possible  day is Thursday, but any time  after that, Dougie and Jas mated 3 times over a few days. 

Everyone keep positive thoughts coming this way and here’s hoping for a copy book whelping . 

 jas4 maternity-wing maternitywing2 ebbyandruby

As far as Ruby ,my Shepherd pup is concerned, she is growing so quickly, she is so beautiful and she and Ebby are  great buddies , perhaps a little more so on Ruby’s side as she does pester Ebby. She is so good with her though and rarely tells her off . It is so lovely too hear ” Shepherd talk” again it is so individual to the breed and Ruby is learning fast . 

 I went to the hospital for my check up and the consultant was happy with the xrays so I can now drive again .The only slight downside is I cannot ride for another 2 months, but that is a small price to pay. My friend Pip is happy though as she is really enjoying riding Johnny.My consultant was very insistent that I take things slowly for 3 months as this new hip has to last me a long time. I am only too happy to oblige as being pain free is great. So I will not be showing for a while, but the timing couldn’t have been better as Cassie ‘s coat is only now starting to grow back and I hope to be preoccupied with some babies.


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