Busy, Busy ,Busy !

I am pleased to report I have had my new hip and everything went well. I decided not to have a general anaesthetic  so I was aware of the whole procedure. Though the drilling and banging were a little disconcerting I am so glad I made that choice as my recovery was instant. I stayed in hospital until  Monday 7th, it was lovely to be home again to see my girls.

Chris has been managing , just about, with all of the chores as well as looking after me, but I am now much more independent, the only thing I cannot do is put my socks on. Friends and neighbours locally have been wonderfully supportive with visits and food parcels, so at least Chris has been well fed. The horses have had an extended break but it won’t be long now and I shall be back in the saddle. The other things I am looking forward to is sitting on the settee with my girls having a cuddle, I have to sit on a raised arm chair and going for walks with them. We love packing a picnic and setting off to Wales with them for a day’s walking ,can’t wait.

 ruby3 ruby2  

I was very keen to go to Carmarthen to pick up Ruby, our new GSD puppy, all went well and she is now settled here at Catherton. I knew the Father of the litter as I had tried to mate Ebby to him which was unsuccessful, so when the opportunity came to have litter pick of the girls from one of Hilarys bitches I was tempted. Even more so when I read her pedigree, she has fantastic German bloodlines that I knew well and love. This was fate, admittedly I did not expect to be going in to hospital so quickly to have my hip done, but hey -ho life is for living ! Ruby is gorgeous, such a pretty girl, very confident and she has fitted in really well. Her training will be a struggle for another week or so as I am not allowed to bend down but she will soon catch up. She is responding to her name well and has started to sit. We took her on her first adventure with Ebby, Willow, Cassie, Jas and Sully, who was staying for the weekend, in my car to visit Carol and Otto.



We took Jas to the vets for her scan this morning, her appointment followed on from my appointment at the doctors to have my staples removed, another step along the road to recovery.

I am pleased to confirm she is pregnant, Chris and I are excited as I am sure Kate and Matt, Dougies owners are (they are having litter pick of the boys). The puppies are due 22nd May. I had a good gut feeling that she was pregnant, she is really quiet, not like her at all, and has refused her breakfast, a sign of doggie morning sickness. Having said that phantom pregnancy can lead you to the wrong conclusion which has happened to us before. 

Proud parents to be. Dougie and Jas.

dougie2 jas


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