Puppies, Operations and Crufts

I have now had my operation date for my hip, Friday 4th April. So basically we are trying to get things sorted here at Catherton. The timing for my vege garden is not ideal but beds are dug over now and are ready for planting. I still have some herbaceous borders to weed and cut back but I am getting there. 

We have been to Carmarthen to choose our new GSD puppy, she is so pretty, lovely strength of bone and real quality as I expected from such a wonderful pedigree. I am wracking my brains for a name and haven’t yet settled on one so will update you on that soon. She is arriving here the week after my opp, I am hoping to go to fetch her with Chris but I shall have to wait and see how I am, a 3 hour journey may not be ideal, we shall see. In case I am grounded our friend  Marce is booked to go with Chris and I shall have to wait patiently at home. At least I can write my blog about her exploits while I am incapacitated.   UTISFEMALE-PUPuTSI-AND-PUPS

I have had so many photographs from Crufts sent to me and many emails of congratulations plus cards, thank you all so much. I still smile when I think of that wonderful day. Cassie came home and I am convinced she knew she was special, she strutted around home very pleased with herself. As promised some more photos and video of the occasion. Even at Crufts Jas wanted to swim after the ducks in the lake, good job Marce had a firm hold.

Jas and Dougie have had a “dirty weekend” Dougie actually came to visit and what a gentleman he proved to be. Fingers are now crossed in various households across the country. She will go to be scanned at approx 4 weeks. Lets hope for a positive outcome. I will keep my blog updated on progress.




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