Crufts 2014

crufts14-2Well ,who could have believed it, certainly not me! Cassie, Crumpsbrook Acacia, won her Limit class which was a large class of quality bitches. This was surprise number one . Then a few minutes later, after I had calmed down and topped up the pain killers for my hip, we went into the bitch challenge.

I was so chuft at my Limit class win then when the judge, Mrs Crawford, called Cassie out as the Best Bitch Challenge Certificate winner you could have knocked me over with a feather. I didn’t blub this time, I was so happy (maybe 

 something to do with my tablets !). I know tears were shed around the ring by special friends and Crumpsbrook puppy family members. It truly is an amazing feeling especially with so much support from the ringside. I would love to thank you all for your many congratulations. It is a hobby for me, breeding and showing my gorgeous Munsters, but that doesn’t mean I don’t give it the care and consideration it deserves. I feel truly vindicated that my decisions of mates for my girls are proving correct. Cassie was from my first and only litter from our amazing Willow. The gorgeous, handsome Jasper (Tanzenbach Chevalier) owned by Carol Saunders was the father. Thank you Carol, I still feel I hijacked your lines. 


Some of you may remember Cassies daughter,  Jas, from her first litter by Harry, Tanzenbach Waterboatman, another bred by Carol, won best puppy at Crufts last year.  Cassie wasn’t there then, due to being pregnant with her second litter also by Harry. Amazing. We have some lovely young dogs coming out in the ring this season from that litter too.

To top it all, you may be aware we have been waiting for Jas to come into season. Well my day couldn’t have been more perfect ,when we arrived at Crufts with the girls, Henry, Loki and Dougie were all keen to say” hello” to Jas. Ebby my Shepherd is in season and they often bring one another in but the day before when Jas had her bath for her big day, there was no sign of a season. Obviously meeting such handsome boys did

 the trick, she is in season, hurrah. The only slight negative was the hormones had obviously taken effect and she was a bit flat for her moment in the ring. 

Dougie, Paddockridge Rulander, who is to be the dad, had a great day too, winning his working class and standing second in Open to the Hargreaves Ghyllbeck Rapax who then went on to be Best of Breed. It looks like Jas’s timing means I can officiate at the mating, Chris, Matt and Kate would have had to be the gooseberries !!! 



My congratulations must go to Karen, Henry’s (Crumpsbrook Hickory) owner. She managed to control her nerves and took her lovely boy into the ring. She won a valued 3rd place Crufts prize card. I remember my first time with Cassie, it really is nerve wracking. We won a third too and I was overjoyed. Well done Karen you did me proud.



Thank you all for sending me such wonderful photographs. Such a brilliant record of a special day. We will continue to sort them and add more of them soon.

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