January 2014

I find this time of year a bit dreary so it was really a boost to receive my seeds through the post for next seasons vege garden .I have had an hour or two in my greenhouse tidying up and  I have started a few flower seeds in my propagator.

The horses are due back soon,we are waiting for our bedding delivery.They are so fat and hairy they look like overgrown Thelwell ponies .As soon as they are home the clippers will be in use and they will soon look smart again .

We are off to City of Manchester show on Sunday ,the first of the year, I am so looking forward to it. The girls will have to have a wash and brush up.The common is so wet and muddy they don’t look much like show dogs at the moment. Still they are all well and this morning the sun shone so Chris and I managed to take a few photographs. Jas had her 2nd birthday last Saturday and received a few birthday emails from her litter brothers and sisters.

I am about to do my Crufts entries for Cassie and Jas. Cassie had a tummy full of puppies last year so didn’t go and Jas fullfilled my wildest dreams by winning best puppy in breed . I doubt this year will beat that, Jas is in Post Grad and Cassie Limit . Whatever happens I’m just proud to be there.







ebbie1 jas40cassie10 cassie9

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