7 1/2 Weeks


Its a sad time here at Catherton for the Bargmans ,but a very happy time for all the new families. Everyone has been waiting so patiently for this week to arrive.

All the pups went to the vets on Tuesday for their microchips, there is a photo of them in the back of “Betty” my car, it went without a hitch. They are in so much need of individual care now, they have become so inquisitive and Chris and I are exhausted trying to occupy their active minds. Keeping watch on 11 of them around the place is a nightmare.

Last weekend was so wonderful ,the pups had lots of human and canine visitors and the weather was glorious, so we had everyone in the garden.Quill ,Cassies puppy from the last litter came back for the first time since she left here at 8 weeks .She is so pretty and sounds like her agility is going really well ,can’t wait to see her competing .Our friends Kate and Matt bought Dougie over too ,he was so gentle with the pups. We all sat in the garden drinking wine watching all the fun, it was fantastic. The pups loved it as did Chris and I .

This will be my last puppy blog, I am hoping that new owners will keep us up to date with news and pictures . Thank you all for your kind messages ,so glad you have enjoyed the updates.



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