6 1/2 weeks

The puppies are growing up into inquisitive, adventurous little monkeys. They go out twice a day and there is no stone left unturned in their adventure playground commonly known as our garden!  They have been for walks down the field with Cassie. She loves playing with them, but has decided enough is enough as far as feeding them is concerned.

The last few days it has been so cold and windy here, but they are really robust and still seem happy to go out to play. We monitor them closely and as soon as they go sleepy we bring them in.

I have yet to find anything they will not eat, chicken poo is a favourite along with my new clematis! Seriously though they have wonderful appetites and seem to have strong constitutions.

My other girls are teaching them social etiquette .Granny Willow is quite tolerant, Jas their sister really has no idea what to make of them all and runs off. Ebby puts up with so much, then snarls at them especially if they try to suckle .All good experience for them.

Its a big week for them next week ,off to the vet Tuesday for their microchips .Then off to their new homes. I am confident they are ready and will prove to be life changing and enhancing additions to their new families. Chris and I have loved having them around,even though it is for a relatively short time they have weedled their way into our affections and we will miss them all.  At least our horses can have some much needed TLC.

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