5 1/2 weeks

The weather has been dire, so cold and windy but thankfully we didn’t get any snow unlike some parts of Shropshire. The puppies had their first adventure into the garden today, they scampered about, chewed a few Rhododendron flowers, chased the ducks and chucks until they stood their ground, then the pups were not so sure of themselves.

They are coming into the lounge for evening playtime two at a time. This enables Chris and I to keep an eye out for wee’s. As you can imagine this takes up a fair chunk of time but so good for them to be little individuals. Wednesdays and Thursdays I don’t finish teaching until 8.30 so I am glad we managed to get them out into the garden.

All of their papers have come from the Kennel Club now. As you may be aware all my pups are named after tree’s so this litter have German tree names, for example Crumpsbrook Apfel.

They are also booked in for their vet checks and micro chips. They all look so well, such an even litter and so confident, we are so proud of them all.

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