4 Weeks Old

The pups are doing really well, they are now eating 4 meals a day with incredible enthusiasm. They have taken to their Burns mini bites which is mixed with either chicken lamb or beef mince. They are still enjoying their evaporated milk which is acting as a replacement for mums milk as Cassie has handed over the monumental task of feeding to Chris and I. She also made the decision to sleep with her adult chums last night for the first time. Then after eating her breakfast she went to do a quick count of her babies. Bless her, she coped with those sharp teeth feeding for a few minutes then jumped out. Her coat has continued to drop out but you can now see the new hair growing back. I really don’t like this time when I look at my girls, I feel so proud of what they do but they do look so bedraggled. She is enjoying her walks on the common now, the last few days have been beautiful, it really makes me smile to see her bounding across the heather and bracken. Her efforts are truly appreciated.

The pups are in the conservatory during the daytime now and they have their own private patio no less, which they love. Some of them are even pooing and weeing on the grass. They are getting used to various noses saying hello through the bars, poor Pebbles was pecked on the nose by Max our cockerel, but it did not seem to phase him too much. We try to give them as many different life experiences as we can so next week they will go on the lawn in the garden in their playpen, weather permitting.

Enjoy the videos.


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