Day 2


Cassie is recovering well from her exertions,she is a fantastic mother and is so proud of her babies.

They are all feeding well and have had a weigh in today. Every one has gained weight and all is going to plan so far. Chris and I take it in turns to get up in the night to feed Cassie, I like to feed her regular small meals of her special whelping bitch Burns, mixed with fresh minced chicken lamb or beef to keep her energy levels up so she continues to feed all the pups herself. She has an evaporated milk and water mix which she loves ,this is a really good high calorie drink. Its so important she drinks plenty of fluids to enable her to keep producing milk. Our hens are producing plenty of eggs so Cassie is also enjoying free range scrambled egg.

The photo on the right is the whole litter all 11 munchkins  keeping warm on their heated pad during bedding change over



Then we have the boys











Finally the girls





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