DAY 18

Cassie and her pups have received lots of visitors over the past few days. It is so rewarding for Chris and I to see how excited everyone is.

Cassie, bless her, is doing a sterling job of feeding her babies, they are such chubby little things. She on the other hand is beginning to look tatty, her coat is falling out, a normal response caused by the change in her hormone levels. She is eating really well, is fed every 4 hours right through the night. Chris and I take it in turns to do the night shift. She loves going out with the rest of our family, woofing at people and horses using the footpath and the weather has been kind so everything is drying up.

The puppies have been wormed for the first time. They were really good but the first time is always the easiest as they have no idea what is about to happen. All of them are gaining weight ,I am so chuft with the litter, so even and strong. They have also had the nails clipped again. Cassie will soon have to contend with teeth as well as nails, poor poppit. At the weekend I hope to start them lapping simply to ease Cassie’s workload so I will keep you posted. Enjoy the video footage and photos.

DSC04222 DSC04209

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