Day 11

The pups are getting so much stronger, they are actually mobile, very wobbly, but mobile non the less . They are also becoming quite vocal ,lovely little yips. They will soon be exploring their new world so some plastic has gone down today over our carpet in preparation for their adventures.They are now beginning to open their eyes ,their vision will be very poor for a few days but progress happens so quickly .It is truly wonderful watching them develop. Chris and I clipped their toe nails today,they get very sharp and poor Cassie gets terribly scratched when they kneed her tummy to encourage milk flow. This handling is an important part of growing up for a Crumpsbrook pup, vital for a biddable adult that accepts human control.My adults think nothing of having their nails cut because it is done regularly.

Do enjoy the video footage.

The family are now accepting visitors they have a full social calendar this weekend ,but if you have a puppy booked do ring me to arrange a visit.

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