Great News

Just got back from the vets ,Cassie scanned in pup ,hurrah ! saw 3/4 just like last time and there were 11 so who knows . The only down side is she will not be going to Crufts now on Saturday , with Jas. Still she will have many more years ahead of her

I have been fairly confident for a few days now about Ebby also being in pup ,her tummy is really growing. I waited until today just in case I had my doughts and I could have had her scanned too . But it really wasn’t necessary,she is¬†positively¬†blooming!

Chris and I are chuft ,I do get puppy withdrawal symptoms .I have several puppies already booked for both litters, anyone interested do get in touch.

I will let everyone know how Saturday goes ,wish us luck.

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