Judging at a charity dog show

I judged the pedigree classes at a fellow munster owners charity dog show over the jubilee weekend. So difficult with such a huge range of dogs ranging from Pomeranians to Great Danes . My best in show was a 9 month old Standard Poodle who moved really well .Chris came to support me and took Jas and her mum Cassie. Jas took it all in her stride and seemed really confident, she even found a patch of fairly dry grass to curl up on .

It seems my Munster pups get around the country .Ben has been to London, on the tube, with his folks and apparently behaved really well, there is a photo of him by London Bridge .

There are other new photos to look at of Quill and Ava,

Our friends Matt and Kate have been over to help with Gundog  training for  Jas . Dougie their Munster is well on his way to being a full champion.  . So I hope some of this rubs off on Jas !!

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