Crumpsbrook Kerria

Kite – Hips 2,4 Elbows 0, HUU Clear, HC Clear


Kite was out of Cassie’s final litter. She is the sweetest most affection girl loves to please and Kite is also the best retriever of all of my girls and always greets you with something in her mouth. We have started doing agility with her which she loves. She is sensitive and biddable and has inherited the Crumpsbrook  “Granny Willow” genes of being an amazing hunter.

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Photos above are of Kite at 7 weeks and 5 months

Crumpsbrook Kerria Pedigree 

Sire : Ellscott Glen Finnan Illa Ghyllbeck – Dexter   Dam : Crumpsbrook Acacia