Puppy Plans 2018

I am pleased to confirm that Kite is expecting puppies .

The father of this much anticipated litter is Ch Paddockridge Rulander

Sadly Dougie is no longer with us. This is a repeat mating of my 2017 litter using AI.

The litter are due December 10th so we will have a busy Christmas.

Please look at stud dog Dougie’s website  http://www.rulander.co.uk/ for more info.

Kite has her own page with health test results and pedigree for you to peruse.

All of my bitches have a full suite of health tests.

We have 3 generations at home for you to meet, Kites mother Cassie and  her daughter Molly. They would be delighted to meet you, something I do actually insist upon,before placing one of my Crumpsbrook puppies.

If you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle and you are interested in a Large Munsterlander do get in touch and arrange a visit to come and meet us all here at Catherton.

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2 weeks

What a difference a week makes, weather back to cold and windy, we were really spoilt over Easter. The pups and Cassie continue to thrive. They have their eyes open now and are taking their first wobbly steps, plus we have heard a couple of proper “woofs”. I am sure  families will be pleased to hear visiting hours are available . We will limit visits to one family in any day, Cassie still has a mammoth task feeding the hungry munchkins. Do get in touch to arrange a visit.

Worming has taken place this morning for the first time, they have a dose for 3 consecutive days so 2 more to go. Their weight is increasing steadily and Cassie has plenty of milk. She is eating 5 meals a day plus snacks of chicken wings. The demands of her hungry family will continue to increase as they get stronger and bigger, so as soon as the pups are able to we will start them on evaporated milk to help supplement their rations from Mum. I think we will start this week if they continue to grow as they are. I was intending to put up some video footage but the camera battery was flat so will do as soon as possible . 

Betty my car is at the hospital with  broken power steering, so that will be expensive ,blooming cars.

I am planning on going to WELKS to see everyone ,but I will be dog less. I shall enjoy munching Jas and Cassie’s offspring ,while Chris stays home on puppy duty. 

Plans for my open day are coming together, agility equipment is being made and ordered. Chris is making the contact equipment such as walkways and see-saws. The non slip rubberised paint has arrived so I am hoping for some decent weather to paint it. Tunnel and jumps are due to arrive this week.

 The following photos are of each individual pup

20150410_14 20150410_15 20150410_16 20150410_17 20150410_18 20150410_19 20150410_20 20150410_21

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