Day 4

Kites puppies are thriving, they are growing terrifically. There isn’t too much for Chris and I to do at the moment other than feed Kite, her appetite is huge, and keep everything clean. She looks so well but clumps of hair are beginning to fall out. Most of this is caused by the puppies tirelessly kneading her tummy, they seem to have insatiable appetites.

Sunday Chris took the puppies Granny, Cassie, and sister, Molly, to Wyre Forest. When they realised they were going they barked and poor Kite heard. She really wanted to go. I  decided to take her out on a long line on to the common to compensate, just for 10 minutes. She loved it. I washed her tummy and paws with Hibiscrub on our return and she went straight back to her babies to feed them, content to do so. 

A few more photos for everyone to enjoy .

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Special Parcels !

I had a premonition that the pups would come Thursday and I was right.

The tumble dryer arrived Wednesday and the bedroom furniture is postponed until next week. I did get a phone call Wednesday from Oswestry hospital to go for my premed for my hip op because they had had a cancellation the following day, but I declined !! 

Wednesday lunchtime Kites temperature dropped but otherwise she was fine, still eating, no shivers or groaning. Chris and I monitored her all night and Thursday morning at 6.00 am the first puppy popped into the world. By 7.30 am 4 boys had arrived. Kate arrived around 9.00 am. Kite seemed pleased to see her then got on with the task at hand and produced our first girl at 9.35. 10.00 saw boy number 5 make an entrance. Kite then had an hours rest and at 11.10 another boy, number 6. There was obviously more to come, 7 down and only 1 girl.

At 1.00 pm boy number 7 then after a 2 3/4 hour gap the final pup was girl number 2.

I have never had such a relaxed bitch, Kite even drank her evaporated milk while having contractions. A favourite of mine to give during whelping, it gives lots of calories for energy, plus all important fluid. The pups weights ranged from 500 gm to 610 gm no wonder their poor mum was uncomfortable.

As for the munchkins, their nicknames had to have a Christmas theme.

The girls are Tinsel and Angel, the boys Snowball, Star, Sprout, Spruce, Cracker, Joseph and Cranberry. All names suggested by their markings.

Joseph is the most tenuous, he has a tiny letter M on his leg and we couldn’t call him Mary so Joseph it is!

The Girls


The Boys


We will post regular updates on my website puppy diaries and blog.

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Watched Kettle Never Boils !

The maternity wing is in place ,Milton and Hibiscrub at the ready .We are all set to go .Poor Kite is so uncomfortable now ,I really do feel guilty for putting her in this predicament .She has developed a taste for Felix cat food with warm evaporated milk ! She has lots of small meals because her tummy is squashed with puppies . Bless her, she can have what her heart desires . 

Molly Moo wondering why mum isn’t interested in playing 

We are taking her temperature daily ,to wait for the tell tale one degree drop which suggests whelping is likely in the next 24 hours .

Chris and I are having a new bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers which apparently is being delivered Thursday .The bedroom has been decorated in anticipation. Plus, the tumble dryer broke last week and a new one is being delivered Thursday, much needed for drying towels etc .

What are the odds of Kite going into labour on Thursday ! 

Will keep you all posted on any arrivals .

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