21 Days, 1st Christmas

What a day it has been, pups have been wormed for the first time, had nails trimmed again, weighed, all blooming, and most momentous of all (well for them anyway!) their first meal.

They all relished the experience. Most of it, I think, went in their tummies. Kite came in afterwards and did a great job of cleaning their faces, tummies, paws, in fact every bit of them.

We have puppy proofed the “maternity wing “, plastic down now and bless their cotton socks they are coming out onto the paper to wee. Their sense of adventure is starting to kick in and every day sees them more stable on their paws.

Now a confession, to mine and Chris’s huge embarrassment,  while handling the pups for their worming, Chris questioned if he had the correct pup, Sprout, because he was a girl !!! We checked and double checked and yes Sprout is indeed female. The new tally is 6 boys 3 girls. 

Once we were 100% I offered one family who had been waiting all year for a pup first refusal of changing back to a girl, which they decided to do. Katie and Matt now have one less boy to choose from so their decision should be a fraction easier when the time comes.

Enjoy the new instalment of photos and video footage.

A very sheepish Jo signing off .

Happy New Year .

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2 Weeks

I have just returned from Kites walk on the common, she goes on a long line for 2 reasons, one I want to control how many calories she burns running around, plus there are so many pheasants she would be off
hunting through the gorse and heather and she could get scratched teats. Kite loves this “me” time.

Cassie, Molly and Kite enjoying some quality time in the December sunshine

Talk of the devil, she has just finished feeding her brood after her walk and wash, and come up to the office to say hello to me while I am typing this.

We had a 2 week weigh in for the pups, they are all over 1 1/2 kilos now. A larger weigh tub will be required next time around that’s for sure. Nails have been clipped for a second time. All eyes are open now and as you will see on the video clip, the little munchkins are getting quite mobile.

I think we are organised for Christmas, the last Sainsburys trip has been done, so the fridge, pantry and wine rack are full to bursting.

I would like to send “tidings of great joy” to everyone.

2019 will see the start of a new era for everyone having a new Crumpsbrook family member.

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Day 10

Kite’s pups are now all over a kilo in weight, claws have been trimmed for the first time. We are checking everyday for the first signs of eyes opening, so exciting. They are such a strong, even litter.

Kite is doing well, her appetite is voracious, she has 6 meals a day. She gets up and comes into the kitchen when she hears one of us in there and seems to be appreciating frequent meals.

Chris and I are so proud of her and are thankful for a copy book time of it so far. 

We will keep you posted on progress.

Enjoy the photos.



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