Horrid Summer

What a Summer , we have had a horrid time the house has been flooded twice. After the first time we had major referb to do, new skirting boards decorate and new carpets on the ground floor. We had worked really hard to finish had new carpets fitted then 2 weeks later it happened again! Chris and I were devastated we have lived at Catherton for  24 years and never had a problem. Jas continues to grow she is a joy as are all her litter mates  We have had numerous photos sent , thank you all so much , and as soon as Chris has finished digging our moat ,to prevent further flooding they will be put on the website for you all to see . To be honest the website has been bottom of our priorities lately but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy seeing the pictures so keep them coming . Jas has been to a few shows initially not doing as well as I had hoped but she did go through an ugly duckling stage, so bum high it was ridiculous. Her front end is catching up now, so her topline is improving and so have her placings. So much so that she has qualified for Crufts 2013 so she will go with her mum who has also qualified. Crumpsbrook will be well represented there next year something I would have only dreamt of.Cassies brother Oscar will also be there with Holly and her mum Mandy.Hope to have time to write my blog a little more frequently weather permitting !

The other important news is that my training and behaviour part of Crumpsbrook is being seperated and will be called Mannerly Mutts. I am now a member of The Guild of Dog Trainers and continue to study for my degree . I adore the behaviour side of things trying to help families improve their relationship with their dogs is such rewarding work .My classes are as popular as ever I continually have a puppy wait list and currently do 6 classes a week. Poor Chris is trying to build that website as well ,but do keep an eye on it ,I hope to put some useful articles on there that I have written for my degree,concerning dog behaviour.


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Judging at a charity dog show

I judged the pedigree classes at a fellow munster owners charity dog show over the jubilee weekend. So difficult with such a huge range of dogs ranging from Pomeranians to Great Danes . My best in show was a 9 month old Standard Poodle who moved really well .Chris came to support me and took Jas and her mum Cassie. Jas took it all in her stride and seemed really confident, she even found a patch of fairly dry grass to curl up on .

It seems my Munster pups get around the country .Ben has been to London, on the tube, with his folks and apparently behaved really well, there is a photo of him by London Bridge .

There are other new photos to look at of Quill and Ava,

Our friends Matt and Kate have been over to help with Gundog  training for  Jas . Dougie their Munster is well on his way to being a full champion.  . So I hope some of this rubs off on Jas !!

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Trip to the seaside

Chris and I had a wonderful trip to Harlech with our girls. Carol and Otto, Cassie’s brother, came to. The 4 dogs had a tremendous time chasing bunnies in the sand dunes and seagulls on the beach. The weather was perfect and not a soul about, heaven!

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